All lineal tribal descendants that trace their lineal descent to a person named on the tribal roll dated[1910] (the “Historic Tribal Roll”), are eligible to be a member of the Mattaponi Tribe of Virginia. Those eligible lineal tribal descendants that are residents on the Mattaponi Indian Reservation are full members of the Tribe. Non-resident eligible lineal tribal descendants will be considered Tribal Descendants upon permission granted by the Tribal Council. Non-resident tribal descendants must also prove continual contact with residents on the Mattaponi Reservation in order to gain membership. The Tribal Council shall have the power to pass ordinances which are consistent with and pursuant to the Constitution governing future membership, loss of membership, and all other necessary procedures for enrollment.

Prior to returning this Enrollment Packet to the Enrollment Department. These procedures are to be followed:

1. Complete the TRIBAL ENROLLMENT APPLICATION (click here). When filling out the enrollment application, be sure to fill out every line and question. Print clearly in BLACK or BLUE ink, only. Please make sure the application is signed, dated and completed. We do not accept incomplete applications, it will be returned to you.

2. If the name on the application differs from the BIRTH NAME, please provide documentation of name change with the application i.e. Marriage License, Divorce Decree or Adoption Papers.

3. Complete the
INDIVIDUAL HISTORY CHART (click here) and ANCESTRY CHART (click here). This information pertains to the applicant's genealogy on both sides of his/her family.

4. Submit a STATE CERTIFIED BIRTH CERTIFICATE. The birth certificate must show the full name of the parent(s) through whom eligibility is claimed. If the parent, with whom eligibility is claimed, is not listed on the birth certificate please include any DNA results, paternity tests, paternity affidavits or adoption papers. If the next enrolled family member is a grandparent, great-grandparent, etc. We will need a copy of the family member's birth certificate to link the applicant to that person.

5. PHOTO: Submit an approved passport sized color photo (2 X 2 inches in size), taken within at least 6 months to reflect your current appearance. This is required in order to generate your Tribal Card.

6. A copy of a state issued photo ID, Driver’s License, or Other Approved Official Photo.

​7. ADDRESS: List the address where the applicant's mail is actually received. This address will not be changed unless so advised by the applicant or, if a minor, by the applicant's parent, guardian or sponsor.

Address changes must be in writing and turned into the Department of Enrollment.

8. If the applicant is adopted, please submit the FINAL DECREE OF ADOPTION when applying. Applicants who are adopted must otherwise qualify for enrollment pursuant to the Mattaponi Tribes Constitutional membership requirements through natural parentage and not through adoptive parentage.

9. POSSESSION OF INDIAN BLOOD: If the applicant possesses blood of any other Federally Recognized Tribe or State Recognized Tribe, please be sure to list ALL tribes on the application. We do NOT allow dual enrollment and a verification must be sent to the other tribes to ensure they are NOT enrolled elsewhere. If you do not list the other tribes it can slow the application process.

10. FEES: There will be a non-fundableapplication fee of $100 per applicant for all new applications. The $100 application fee is waived for renewal applications. There is also a fee for tribal dues that can be paid annually or once every five years. Please check the appropriate box on the enrollment application.

There are two options for paying membership dues: $25 per year or $100 for 5 years.
Replacement tribal cards are $10 per card.

Please ensure you submit a Check or Money Order Made Payable to: Mattaponi Indian Reservation with your completed application.

NOTE: If you were issued a Tribal Card prior to 2016, Include a copy of the card with your application. If proof is provided of a previous tribal card issued by the Mattaponi Tribal Government, then the application would be considered a RENEWAL and the application fee will be waived.

11. Tribal Cards will only be issued to members who are 12 years of age and older. No one under the age of 12 will be issued a tribal card.

PLEASE BE CERTAIN all documents have been completed and signed BEFORE you submit them to the Enrollment Department.

Completed applications should be mailed to:

Mattaponi Indian Reservation Enrollment Dept.
1314 Mattaponi Reservation Circle
West Point, VA 23181

Mattaponi Membership Criteria

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